Brice Dutheil

Brice Dutheil

Senior Developper /// JEE Architect


Membre depuis

décembre 2010


As a Mockito commiter I usually need to understand internals of the JDK on several aspects, from bytecode generation to concurrency. On this project API design is of major importance : We can't be lazy for API design!

Also as a senior developer/junior architect I can technically coach and assist your team (code, style, quality,...). I generally like to get the big picture, so architecture is one subject I really enjoy working on.

With today's new hardware and new scalability requirement I feel more interested in architecture and performance tuning. For example event driven architecture, like SOA 2.0 or CQRS/DDDD/Event Sourcing architectural patterns is exciting because it offers great potential. Actor concurrency model does look interesting too.

Domaines d'expertise

UML Design (software / architecture), SOA, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Spring, OOP/AOP, TDD, Java/JEE (EJB3, JCA), JMX, memcached, Performance, Tuning, Scrum





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